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Number of jobs displayed in work history

The number of jobs displayed in the work history (upper right hand corner of the profile) changed yesterday.


Mine dropped to now exclude a job that was closed without any work done and a new job that was conducted and closed within 24 h. The hours for yesterday's job were counted, the job at first as well - then all of a sudden the numbers changed (hours are unaffected).


Does anyone know if the algorithm was changed (how/what jobs are counted)?


The good thing is that the number in the right hand corner now matches the number of jobs with feedback and ongoing assignments in the detailed work history.



Bad: Even though everything looks squeaky clean now when I look at my profile I wonder what it is that apparently left 10% of my clients unhappy and dissatisfied as there is no indication whatsoever left now. Everything adds up -except the JS score. (Speaking from a client's perspective - I know about the bad private feedback and the impact it had on the JS)



Edit: I have been informed by CS that it's correct now and was wrong before. Apparently it was a bug that counted jobs where no money was exchanged or that were refunded. Go figure..



Yeah, I was going to ask the same question - I "lost" 5 jobs over night. But like you said, everything adds up now...

I was at 126 and now 118.I think some times bugs are great hope our JS is also a bug otherwise we will lose our top rated badges if it get fixed like we have lost the jobs in our work history.

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