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Number of skills limit

Hello everyone. I see some freelancers with more than 10 skills but my limit is 10. I don't understand why this happens, so i would like to know. Is it about having identity proven? Or any other thing? This makes it even more difficult for me to get a real job with a meaningful payment and prove myself in oDesk because not having some skills required can get you to hidden list in the job application. For example some job with PHP and MySQL can have skills like database management or something random that comes up in the client's mind and although i can be perfectly qualified for the job, i can be automatically put in the hidden list.

oDesk changed the number of skills you could put into you profile a while back. I remember people used to put 20+ keywords/ skills on their profile so their names would show up first on the search field. The tendency for some freelancers was to put in skills that they don't have just so they can apply to jobs they are not qualified for. oDesk then implemented a limit of 10 skills to put in to avoid spammers from applying.