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O desk takes time to display new jobs.

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Marie A Member Since: Jun 24, 2012
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I would like to know the reason why it takes odesk to post jobs on the find work section 5 minutes. Sometimes the newest job is 15 minutes old. I keep refreshing the page and it still does not display the newest job. I would also like to know the average amount of jobs posted by clients on Odesk per minute? Applying to jobs quickly is importsnt since most freelancers apply fast and obviously the client is not going to read all 60 for an example application. The client will choose the best freelancer for the task from the first 20. Therefore time is very important. Sometimes by the time i begin to apply to the new job about 30 have allready applied. This makes me wonder as to how other freelancers can access the new job faster than me. The way this could happen is when o desk displays the new jobs of 5 miunutes from posting to some freelancers while some freelancers get the job displayed after 15 minutes which is unfaire.