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ODESK: A freelancing Website. Logic when it started was, Sign Up, Post a Job, Select among your applicants and GET it Done by Hiring someone. And Today Odesk says Post a Job, Get the Applicants- But now before applicants come to you , they will suggest group A is good, but work will be guaranteed according to same previous criteria, i.e Same Dispute Policy and every thing remains same. One more thing that is same is Odesk takes same Guarantee as a platform owner in both the cases. Means if job is not completed by Group A then also odesk will be chcking on same parameters and if Group B have not somehow completed the project then also. So what's the logic of making this partition. And when i talked to some contractors who applied to my ob and were in hidden tab, they told they are not even aware of this policy. This is how Odesk works. Forgotten the word freelancing. Isn't it the better Option for Odesk to personally email the Freelancers the jobs they want and to every particular whom they want to award the job. -------------- One more thing, Odesk check the feedbacks of clients, contractors, but never of the policy introduced. Please check the NODE: https://www.odesk.com/community/node/32940 Please check. Vote RESULTS: 1.7 out of 10 Critical Comments. And Odesk really behaved abnormal this time, as i personally have chatted two or three times, but there responses to me really prove no support and as if they don't care.

While I agree with your general sentiment (I think?), I can honestly say that I barely understood half of what you said. Made me seriosuly question my reading comprehension ability.

This really makes you work hard to comprehend it. Something is fishy anyways, though. OP joined 6 days ago? While not well spoken, her post suggests an oDesk history that spans more than 6 days.

The US does not have such a time zone. Probably a fake profile, not that there isn't much to complain about around here.

Time zone +5.50 would place it somewhere East of Islamabad. Which doesn't strike me as particularly American either. http://qlock.com/ Edited for crabbiness removal.

As opposed to an American with bad grammar. There is a difference.