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ODesk Scams

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Debra F Member Since: Sep 1, 2011
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This is a Forum where, I hope, where freelancers can come and post their run-ins with any scams that they have come across while working on ODesk/Elance. My hope here is to MAKE ODesk/Elance see what we are up against each and every day on the frontlines of the cyber workforce and HOPE that they will LISTEN, LEARN, and perhaps, find a FIX for this issue. I have have just spoken to a high ranking supervisor on ODesk who informs me that it is "impossible" to screen all clients, that the process alone would "bankrupt" the organizations. Really?? FACT: According to Inc. online, ODesk comes in at #703 on the Inc 500 list ( In 2009, their profits were a "pittance" at $6 million USD. In 2012, their profits were $44.6 MILLION!! Not bad! I don't think that adding a screening department would be out of the realm of possibilities and perhaps might do them some good. I feel that ODesk is too busy catering to outsourcing clients to care too much about keeping employees residing in the US, the country that allowed them to enjoy their unprecedented growth. So, please, write up your comments. I am interested in seeing the trends and I might do a writing project on the internet workforce with the data that I gather. Besides, it might help those of you who feel helpless to have a place to vent your frustrations and, who knows, PERHAPS ODesk will be forced to stand up and take notice!! Be CAREFUL out there and remember - 1. Check each and every client's feedback and method of payment verification. 2. REPORT all ODesk violations (click on the job, on the job description page, hit the "flag as inappropriate button and pick a violation) 3. DO NOT accept ANY monies where the client sends you a check to be deposited into your bank account (this IS a scam, every time!)