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Odd JSS calculation.

Hi Upwork Community. 


For almost a year now I have been working on the site and I am crazy glad that I became a part of this community, because I have gained a lot of opportunities and invaluable experience, which made an ordinary guy a high-level specialist.
I have experienced a lot on the site, my JSS was at 80%+ for a very long time until I learned how to run my business in a proper way. Some time ago I got Top Rated status, which I was insanely happy about because I worked long and hard to raise my reputation from 82% to 98%.

Unfortunately a lot of experience, big contracts and diligence can't protect you from unprofessional/inadequate clients. So I, having some free time from the contracts of my regular clients, decided to find myself a new project.


Unfortunately, I didn't know what this $135 contract would do for me.
Public review - 3 stars, no comment, which was changed to 5 stars by the clients themselves after the conversation.
Private review - apparently extremely low, as my JSS went from 98% to 90%.

I will not justify myself by saying that after the conversation with the client he apologized very much for his unprofessional approach to working with freelancers, because it will not change anything. I am interested in the following question:


Before last JSS calculation I closed two contracts - one $2000 contract with my regular client and this new one for $135. The negative impact of the small $135 contract was greater than the positive impact of the $2000 contract. I understand that JSS is calculated by the Upwork algorithm and no one can predict exactly what the reputation value will be, but for my whole career on the site contracts with a small budget and a negative review have a greater impact on reputation than large contracts with a good review. Why? I'm very thankful that Upwork has changed the rules and now the lack of a comment under a review has no effect on reputation, this was really  important change in the way the site works and I think everyone would agree that it's easier to work now, but maybe it's time to look at the algorithm that counts freelancer's reputation?


I just want to draw attention to this problem, because I and so many people work so hard to raise our reputation by closing huge contracts and establishing long-term business relationships with customers, but one little contract can ruin our entire business. It's not fair and would like to discuss this issue.


Thanks for your time. guys! 

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