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Odd development of dispute...

Hello guys,


I`m a subject of an ongoing dispute so I would not go into what is it all about - what I`m interested in is your advice on what are my options when I have already proved that accusations are false, provided proof that other account was not used in accordance to ToS and proved that reason for closing a contract was a request for sending final delivery through private email instead of repeatedly avoided activation of the 2. milestone (two in total).


This dispute lasts for the past few weeks and in the meantime, my profile rating is lowered and I am not among Raising Talents anymore ?!


Please advise

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Daniel,


I`m sorry to hear this, your Rising Talent badge may or may not be awarded back on your profile.
This depends on number of factors and unfortunately I can`t share the exact details.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,

Thanks for the swift response.


I was aware that RT badge is a matter of UW`s staff discretion but I had no doubts if it may or may not be entirely based on a subjective POV.



Two persons (ab)using one account initiated the contract with me.


1. milestone - 50% - low res preview of completed video - delivered on time, approved, paid, still available

2. milestone - 50% - delivery of full HD video - never happened


Instead of activating 2. milestone, during the next several days I was asked (and made) several revisions. Since 2. one was not activated, I delivered those new previews through messages. When I asked why is 2. one still inactive one of them  replied: "I don`t know how but why don`t you instead send it to my private email?" (I`m paraphrasing)


Gave them 24h more and then closed the contract.


Some 10 days later I`m the subject of dispute - Client (now, it`s the other guy) did not receive what he paid for. I provided a bit more elaborate description and proofs that this claim is completely false.

Then I was accused that I have deleted the preview which made it unavailable to them - screenshot was provided where one may even clearly see not just the preview but it`s size as well.

You guessed properly - there`s more - now, the preview may be still there but it`s not the latest edition of the video.


But, here`s the funny part - once I replied to these ridiculous claims and provided that elaborate summary, I`ve received 90 contacts from UW staff. Once I started asking about the regularity of these persons` participation on UW, about when would these (proven to be) false accusations come to their end and asked for the restoration of the status of my account prior to dispute - I gradually was demoted and finally left without the RT badge.

Hi Daniel,


I understand your frustration regarding the change in your Rising Talent status, however I do ask that you update your open dispute ticket directly with any questions related to the dispute, as we won't be able to discuss the details of it here in the community. Thank you for understanding.


Hi Nina,


I`m under the strong impression that you misunderstood me. I`m not sharing my frustration here, just a mere observation.


However, many thanks for your input.



I apologize if I've misunderstood you. I will be happy to follow up with the team handling your dispute, to ensure that any questions or information that you provide will be addressed by the team.



No need for apologies. No harm was done, really - misunderstandings do happen.


Still, I`ll be much obliged to finally receive an answer to any of those mentioned questions which apparently and unfortunately lead to my demotion. My writing here was, in fact, an attempt to hear another opinion or simply to find a solution for this odd situation.


Instead of any kind of answer to my pleas, lately, "both" parties were recognised as cooperative (?!) and as a resolution of this dispute I was asked to re-upload already existing and available preview. Through the messages. And to chime back when I do that.


I believe you could anticipate my appreciation for another look at this resolution.

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