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Odesk Affiliate network missing info on freelancers

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Tarun B Member Since: Jan 18, 2015
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I recently came across odesk affiliate n/w but was slightly disappointed to see that it mentions benefits only for new buyers sign up and not freelancer sign ups -


The line reads as -



• We will pay you $50 for each new business you send us that signs up and verifies a credit card.



Does not odesk have any affiliate program when a freelancer signs up and goes on to grab work on oDesk?



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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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They used to have a similar program for freelancers but discontinued it. Given the quality of large portions of the freelancer pool, I can understand why. Offering $50 for a client who will spend tens of thousand of dollars on this site is ridiculous and not an incentive at all. They should have a program that rewards bringing on top performing clients and freelancers alike and offer a tier based referral fee. I.e. if client/freelancer spent or earned $1000 within year 1, pay xx, if they spent/earned over $10k, pay xxx, and over $100k, pay xxxx.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Tarun, yep, defunct, nada, no more....


Tarun, I believe that the link that you provided in the original thread post is for sign-up for the oDesk affiliate program for both clients and freelancers via Conversant (formerly Commission Junction).

You can sign-up for the program, establish a Conversant account, and even add oDesk to your affiliate list; however, the application to add oDesk will remain as "pending" because the oDesk affiliate program has indeed been cancelled.

Links and even specific email addresses on the oDesk site for the oDesk affiliate program still exist. I initiated a support ticket long ago with all the needed details requesting the links and email addresses be deleted; however, as usual someone did not follow-up.


oDesk support claimed that they discontinued the program because of "abuse" (fake sign-ups). They have a horde of questionable clients with credit cards signing up everyday. That is, a lot of clients that produce little in terms of revenue for oDesk.