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Odesk Bad Policy

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Sudeshna G Member Since: Jun 21, 2010
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Now a days, Odesk is supporting a bad thing which is after finishing job refunding money to Client. I has a Client and I did not work for him since 21th Nov, 2013. Now that Client says to me for refunding money because he thinks that I did not perform on job well. I refused him. So, he complain to Odesk and Odesk has suspended my financial account. Odesk says that until I refund him, my financial account will remain suspended. Also, Odesk says that Client is Mad. But they are supporting him, Very Strength!!! However, I am trying to solve this issue. I am replying on this thread. I say that my "Chat Option" is not showing but still they dont care and the Odesk person "Leonard Leong" is not responsible and never reply on right time. Always late late and late. I reply on thread on 11th Jan,2014, still no reply, Strength!!! If it continues then after finishing work, all Clients will ask for refunding money. If Contractors dont pay then their account will be suspended. Strength!!!