Odesk Hourly rate proposal test problem

I have a situation whenever i am applying for a job at odesk. i am a newbie, i do not have any feedback yet. i am wondering why whenever i applied for a job. on the propose rate box, a notice always appear telling that i have to put $3.. but i'm afraid if i will propose $3 they might ignore my application. they will see my profile that i do not have feedback and previous employer yet.. that is why i only propose $1. What will do about it? how will i able to hire? Hope this will be resolve.

I think that oDesk are rolling out tests. One of those tests is a minimum wage idea.

Nobody is worth less than $3 for anything, and if you think that little of yourself, then look for people who value you more. That might entail you gaining some more skills. By the way, who are you?? https://www.odesk.com/o/profiles/users/_~01cb9d242d4b03366a/