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Odesk PROile review system ( oDesk account is under review)

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Sunita R Member Since: Oct 13, 2014
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Hi EVery one, I want to know some thing here regarding ( oDesk account is under review) as i have got review from my client and my overall feedback is 4.43/5. And odesk message me your oDesk account is under review because ( because a routine system review of your account identified an unusually high number of disputes, client concerns, poor feedback, or evidence of moving work off the platform. As a result, your account has been placed under review.) I think this in unfair, I never get any dispute, client convern, Not any poor feedback or how can i work outside a odesk, AS I am getting a good client here. I think odesk this system is default.. System is May be default.. I have two reviews from my client and both are very happy towards my work.. I don't know why my odesk profile under review.. Very Bad Odesk Please solve it.. It may cause to my cariar or you have to solve your ROBOT System..