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Odesk Pishing Scam

Hi everyone ,

Thanks for reading in advance

Today i got this message from Odesk, concerning "PISHING SCAM"


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  • I don't remember that i opened my Odesk account from any foreign webpage.


  • I just wanted to know : Does the highlighted text mean that my account has been opened by a foreigner ?...or it just has been targeted by a pishing scam.
  • What Procedures should i follow to get back my suspended financial account?


Thank you for your time ,


Abdlrhman Shehata


The answers you seek is in the email oDesk sent you (yep! all of them! loud and clear!)


Please read it again. Breathe deeply, and read AGAIN. Repeat 3x.


all the best!


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Sorry to see you are having this problem, my friend. From the looks of this letter you received, it looks like oDesk is doing their best to look out for you. Temporarily suspending financial transactions is exactly what I would want oDesk to do for me if they thought somebody other than me might be accessing my account.

You are mistaken in thinking that you were not the target of a PHISHING (not "pishing") scam just because you did not open your oDesk account from another website. Phishing scams are often accomplished though email alone. Plus, oDesk may have detected successive attempts to use your username to log into oDesk, without you doing anything at all. An attempt to hack into your account may not involve you active participation.

If I were in this situation I would definitely do what oDesk is asking, which is to change my password and security questions and closely monitor my account.



I'll give you a spoon haha!


❄❄❄ Just A Forum Contributor --- This isn't against forum guidelines ❄❄❄

I also had this. when I was new, I opened an attachment in a job description and shortly realised that it was a little suspicious. I deleted it and changed all my passwords. After I'd done this, oDesl emailed me saying my transcations had been limited due to this (which I didn't mind).


Do what the email says and email customer service telling them you've done it. Also, this is just proof that oDesk don't screen job posts.

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Hi AbdIrhman,


As all the people suggested on this thread, you need to follow the instructions in the email that has been sent to you to ensure your account security. Phishing attacks happen, but oDesk does its best to provide the best protection for its users and warn them immediately.


Also, note that we had to remove the content of the private email from your post since it violated the Community Guidelines.

~ Valeria