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Odesk account under review

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Muhammad Kamil K Member Since: Jun 23, 2011
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Hi My odesk account is under review for more than 3 weeks now.I was told to close all my open job which I did. And when I contacted after the two weeks period, I was again given the same message that either your job are open or two week time not finished yet. But both conditions are met be me. It is 17 days now but now the worst thing is that I am not getting a response from odesk. I am really upset as I can lose my clients. Anybody who can please help me and guide me what to do? Thanks
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Marcia G Member Since: Aug 16, 2011
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I can't help unfortunately, but take a look at my thread, "Are there any real people working at Odesk...?" You and I are in the same boat. PS: I think I saw something on Odesk that says you can still work with your former clients if your account is under review. Also, they seem to have reinstated my bidding privileges after the two weeks was up, even though they insist they can't complete the review.
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Fahad S Member Since: Aug 31, 2013
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Hi Marcia, How were you able to resolve this issue? I have 2,000 hours completed with 41 jobs and 4.8 feedback, still i got the email that my account is under review from today Were you able to bid on jobs when you received the email notifying the review for the first time ? what should i do about this situation I was among the top freelancers on Odesk, even Odesk recruiters contacted me for jobs, but this email has startled me Waiting for reply Best
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Karim B Member Since: Oct 1, 2014
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I have same issue. I am afraid they will held my available earnings. Can any one plz help?
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Karim, Going through review process doesn't prevent freelancers from withdrawing their funds or being offered a job by a client. Please, check this Support article for more information.
~ Valeria
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Emil H Member Since: Feb 19, 2011
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What is even more strange is that I can bid on jobs, I get odesk pilling those job applications under my "job application" folder and let me know that I have only so many left of my limit of 25, but when I check to see if I am listed under that particular job, my name is missing. STRANGE! Why is then my application considered against the maximum amount allowed if that particular client never receives it?
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S. M. Atai R Member Since: Aug 27, 2009
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I am not even in the review zone and still my name is missing from the applicant's list. Time to leave odesk.
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H. M. Badraddauza S Member Since: Jun 30, 2013
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I can also bid on jobs after receiving the mail from Odesk.But my name is also missing from the applicants list of the particular job.Very strange behavior from Odesk!!
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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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They have got serous problem with the systems.
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Saiful I Member Since: Jun 8, 2011
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Please any one advice me what should I do now. I can apply for a job and also I have left 25 job quotes. But I not see my name Odesk Applicants Option that way I connected with odesk Help center they told me my account is under review. I am a real worker in odesk. I have done around 45 jobs and gave 4.77 feedback, my id is verified, everything is okay. its really frustrated for me. Please help me anyone. Thanks All