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Odesk golden days are gone

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Vivek G Member Since: Aug 20, 2009
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Hi ,


I know no body is going to help me but  i want to share my real story so people atleast think twice to make their career here.


I have been working as full time freelancer on odesk for last 5 years.


I have a great profile with 670+ projects ( small and big) and 8000+ hours.


I got overall rating is 4.93 for all of my projects


Since  odesk changed system,i'm not even get a single interview but in past,i used to get almost 10+ interview per week.


I have tried everything to solve this issue for last 3-4 months but due to ignorance of odesk,i feel helpless.


Odesk doesnot seems to care their old developer specially with good history.


I request all that please make sure doon't leave job just on basis of odesk,otherwise you become a victim like me





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Conradette Pearl B Member Since: Dec 7, 2014
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Yes, Indeed, they just throwing old freelancer like us.

I was a victim of wrong allegation agaisnt Odesk rules and policy.

I dont know the auto software and what they are talking about. Then I conclude that it was the DOTA Hotkey that my little brother installed here on my laptop. that was a game hotkey shortcut from keyboard. They didnt even explained to me how they found out the software and how it was related to the work I have.

I just have a few negative feedback on my profile, no disputes, 2 refunds because of misunderstanding with the clients before but not totally my fault on the end.

one which was not happy with my work. Well we cannot please everybody.

But if I will compare this to all my projects, you will find a huge gap between positive and negative issue on my account.

I followed their instructions to end all my contract and I still got a positive feedback. But still, they didnt reinstate my account. 

They slowly putting an elance system on this platform. 




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Muhammad T Member Since: Nov 13, 2010
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Same here bro. 2300+ hours, 120 contracts with 4.93 overall rating. I didn't remember when did I last got any invite. There were times when I was getting 15-20 invites a week.


This issue has been raised quite often but we didn't got any positive replies or any clarifications on this.