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Odesk rating issue

I have a big problem with odesk rating system. a company hired me long term and and I did excellent performance after after 3 month that company gave me excellent rating. after 1 years that company increased my salary. I just don't want to end my job continue with same profile until 18k$ earning everything is fine. suddenly i have some miss understanding with client and I don't want to work for them. in this case I got a very bad rating after end that contract. That contact was large like 20k$. my question why Odesk don't ask that client who always satisfied and give me bad rating only for 1 or 2 days miss understanding how its possible a person give me ratings 2 times. Due to odesk this type of policy already leave the job almost from odesk. No solution for anywhere in odesk. But in elance its really good. I am working for a company and great services after 3 month they gave me excellent rating. and in this time frame they increase my hourly rate. But they don't have any chance to rating again the same contract. Due to this type of system in odesk I believe odesk lose lot of high quality freelancer. already they lost with client and freelancer in this case work with elance. but in its not solve by odesk I really hurt with odesk in my life with earning 35-40k $ from odesk. But if odesk policy like elance still I have good rating. however instant refund My 20$ to client due to only bad rating love to donate my whole 2000 hours. Now odesk have a problem. High dispute etc. But I did my self return no force or no issue by client. So why now problem with odesk. However place comment here if anyone have the same problem like me. my right now elance profile : https://www.elance.com/s/rarcntv Thanks
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