Odesk should have more job catagories

Odesk has many job categories for data entry, multimedia, web development etc. But odesk has no job category for Electronics Engineering. So very few client post job related to electronics engineering. So there are also very few freelancers in this area. If odesk would make this job category then odesk would have more clients and freelancers.

There is also no category for proofreading and/or editing - which means the closest category to it is writing. But I've had to write I AM NOT A WRITER three times on my profile to try and stop getting offers for writing jobs. Please put in an editing/proofing category...

I asked a few times a couple of years ago but never heard anything from anyone and eventually just gave up. It would seem like a no-brainer to have an editing category since that's a fairly popular job on this site. I also get a lot of invites to write and I usually turn them down because I prefer to focus on editing. I'll write something if it looks really interesting to do but most writing jobs here strike me as a bit boring and poorly paid. I was looking at my profile the other day and thinking maybe I need to change it to emphasis that I'm talking about editing. When I looked at it again, I could see how some people might think I'm a writer as well as an editor.