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Odesk team app is not responding

Hi Guys, I was using odesk team since sep 2012 it was working properly but today when i signed in in odesk app it shows this message : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Odesk team is not responding to self-check requests and is not operating properly. This can be caused by a internal error or high system load.If application starts responding again,this message will disappear automatically. Please click "Restart" to terminate the application now and start a news instance,or "wait" to dismiss this message and wait for another 30 seconds Alternatively, you may also notify us about this problem by submitting a ticket,which will automatically include debug information to help us identify a possible bug (Restart) (Wait) (Submit Ticket) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- please tell me urgently I have several hourly jobs active in odesk so please respond me as soon as possible. Thanks Suleman

Hi Suleman, Please submit a ticket from within the tracker and include the logs (check the box that appears beneath the space where you add details about the problem).
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