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Re: Odesk test cheaters.

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Celia A Member Since: Sep 11, 2015
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There is at least one website with the responses for many many os the Upwork tests. I've seen it. I think it is stupid to use these resources for obvious reasons: you would be selling something that you are not.
On the other hand I can imagine many people doing that and hurting other's reputation.
I think Upwork should have people searching for these websites and take some action about this very serious issue.
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Alex L Member Since: Jan 21, 2016
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So, I'm not sure how hard this would be to develop, but what if you weren't allowed to switch tabs during the test? For instance, if the page detects that it is no longer the active screen, it will force you to move on to the next question. Now that I think about it I'm sure people will use their phones or maybe a second computer, but it could possibly reduce the number of cheaters. Also, accidents happen and people might get punished unfairly if another program pops up while they are taking the test. Anyways, just an idea!

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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No matter what you do, there will always be a workaround. Upwork tests are a joke, there are websites all around the Web with answers.


I never trust tests shown on people's profiles around here, I've seen so many people posting here on the forums with poor English and with amazing scores in their English tests.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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Andrea B Member Since: Feb 20, 2015
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Sure, you can cheat on tests... but you are going to get caught in a flash... in the end there is nobody that can keep on lying for a very long time on his alleged professionalism.

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Christian B Member Since: Dec 27, 2015
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Top scorers in the test and yet has 79% job success.

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M Imam M Member Since: Jan 18, 2016
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Otherwise,  my test (only 1) score was 2.6 but I'm top rated..... Smiley Happy and Long-term clients = 35%

Corel macro coder failed in Corel test... lol.

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Maxime P Member Since: Feb 25, 2016
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Cheating is so simple : **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Obviously, until tests can really be made "reliable" (no idea how), I think that all the test features (passing, showing results...) should simply be removed from oDesk, since this is too unfair & miselading for clients.


Meanwhile, any other reliable ways to show/prove someone capabilities/skills should be emphasized : clients feedback, links to (or skills data extracted from) profiles on stackoverflow, linkedin etc...

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Eleonora R Member Since: Feb 1, 2016
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I can't believe I wasted so much time taking several UW tests only to find out the answers were available out there all along.


Plenty of incoherent profiles and suspiciously high scores make sense now... I'm not even sure about displaying them on my profile any longer.

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Alan H Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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There is a site tif*********.com registered to one MD S**** in Dhaka Bangladesh that hosts dozens if not hundreds of Upwork test answer keys.  The domain registration record is completely public, including phone number and address. 


I'd like to see Upwork take this site down for copyright infringement - and sue the owner for damages.  The webmaster should of course also be banned from Upwork.  


As a side note, I would think the webmaster would at least try to monetize the site with banners, but it is ad-free. Bizarre.