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Odesk test cheaters.

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Max P Member Since: Feb 23, 2012
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There is some weird stuff going on. For around half a year or more I had the highest rank in Adobe InDesign Mac test. I scored #1 after 35 minutes or extreme concentration, careful reading and thinking and answering questions. I have a great experience in InDesign as I was composing some large documents 24/7 back in the day, so my knowledge of the application is almost perfect. So I earned my #1 spot medal by actually working hard for it. What I see today is that I have #7 spot. And that is absolutely OK, as there are professionals with much more experience that I have, and they deserve to have better results then I do. But when I took a closer lookm I saw this I mean, it's obvious that a human being cannot simply read (I'm not even saying about figuring out answers) that much information in just 6, or 5, or 4 minutes. This is simply unreal. So this is definitely some kind of a fraud. Why should people like this mislead my clients to think they operate software better then me? What is oDesk's policy in such cases? Should everyone just find some way of cheating to get even better results? 1 minute maybe? I mean, this is ridiculously stupid. How can 6 people just in one day have better results then I do, if for half a year noone managed to do so? All I want is just some justice, please.
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Reynaldo M Member Since: Aug 4, 2012
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Oh S***!!!! 2 contractors, same agency, same location,same TEST(1st test), Same Result in the same amount of Time to finish and same day taken,????? 6 seconds per item!!??!! Geniuses?? And I only saw 2 and you say their are 6 of them??? No S***????
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Litlyn V Member Since: Jul 19, 2013
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I think they have write down all the questions from several retake of exams. I just signed up Last Night July 19, 2013 and took several exams and I never failed any exams. I got 3 exams at 30% (telephone etiquette certification, windows XP and English Spelling test), 1 exam (adobe Photoshop CS3) is 20% and two exams (Excel 2007 & word 2007) 10% and also snatched the 1st spot #1 in odesk readiness exam.. Other exams 6 exams are above average. I will take more exams. I am not allowed to retake any of the exams since I am just a new member. Which means, i can do better when i retake these exams. If this contractor has been a member for years, meaning he had many chances to retake exams and perfect it.. Does it make sense?
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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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Definitely seems unfair, especially since the InDesign test is one of the hardest in the design section. I rank in top 10 as InDesign is not my main focus, and it also took me about half an hour to finish it. 4-5 minutes is not realistic, I think it even takes more to fully read all the questions. But then again there's pretty much nothing oDesk could do about it, aside from inviting the contractor to video chat and having them retake the test while on video. Which is just as likely to happen as me sprouting wings and happily flying to Mars. Slightly offtopic: where do you check your current ranking on design tests? I used to check it in Trends where there was top 5 list for each test, but now the link is not included in oDesk's layout.
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Ueber K Member Since: Nov 10, 2012
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As a client who hires, On one of my other threads I commented on test scores and what a crock of sh*t I think they are. I had some people applying who had top scores in so many DIFFERENT fields. I also comment on the 5 star system lol, but that's like a whole new thread. I did a quick google search on "odesk test answers"...then it confirmed my suspicions. My last hire, I had my own test during interviews, and this worked out very well. it was based on time, and correct solution. It quickly showed me who was good and who was great. I really hate the hiring process, I've done it a handful of times, it's extremely time consuming. I believe I have enough saved favorites of go to people for any future jobs... I'm not sure if Odesk really cares, or if they can really do anything about it...that's really too bad because this hurts good contractors, and this hurts clients.
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Nicole H Member Since: Nov 15, 2007
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is that some of them contain incorrect information. There was one test I took about which I would safely consider myself extremely knowledgeable. And the questions had errors in the question part and some had absolutely not a single correct answer, or multiple answers that were correct but there was no choice to indicate it. These were things of which I was absolutely certain about what they should be. The only way you could guarantee doing well on the test (as opposed to actually demonstrating you knew something) was to win the lottery of guessing which answer was the answer the incompetent test writer had decided was correct. I complained to oDesk about this when I discovered it, but I would warn buyers that not only are there cheaters, but the tests themselves are flawed in their content and do not measure the test-takers' actual abilities accurately, even without cheating.
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Ben K Member Since: May 21, 2013
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Absolutely correct. I have a pending post about the English-German translation test which is a field I can charge 180$/h over here where I live and my clients are happy because I deliver culturally fitting and correct adaptations. In the test mentioned above I have found are so many mistakes that I ran out of test-time reporting them.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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How do you find mistakes in tests? After I take a test, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to find out which specific answers I got wrong and what Odesk thinks the correct answers are. I would like the opportunity to dispute answers.
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Ioana R Member Since: Jan 24, 2011
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So do I. The SEO test is idiotic, with vague questions, and so dated it even includes Altavista.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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Yes. I have seen some SEO-related questions on tests where it seems clear from the way the question is worded that you are expected to choose an answer that is actually wrong because of changes in the way search engines operate, and if you followed that advice in real life, you could actually make things worse for your client