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Offer received with no lead up communication

Hi all, I think I may have done something silly but need some advice. I applied for a marketing manager role from an invite and then received an offer two days later - this was with no discussion whatsoever.  Against my better judgement, I decided to accept the offer.  I did some research on the client prior to accepting and found there were a number of contracts open, all with hours billed on them (recent hours). Its now been three weeks and the only message I have from him is "really keen to meet, but it will need to wait unti next week."  That was the first week and nothing since then. Its for a new business so I think he has jumped in and hired everyone he needs and is now overwhelmed with everything that must be done - that is speculation however. 

Im getting to the point now where i want to get rid of the client as his contract is doing nothing for me.  Ive contacted support and they have contacted him with no result so far.

If I close the contract, it affects my JSS as there are no hours billed. Has anyone else ever had this issue? I can't see any way that this would benefit the client but it does affect me.  Again, I know Ive done something that was against my better judgement but is there any way to get this reviewed so the contract can be closed and "removed" from my profile without affecting JSS? Obviously the Upwork gods 🙂 can see whats been happening on the contract, so is there a way to get a formal review?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Laura, interestingly. Contracts without earnings do not affect your JSS. So if you haven't logged any hour, rest assured that it doesn't affect your JSS.

Not true, contracts with no payment processed don't effect JSS "only" if the client doesn't leave negative feedback. If she closes the contract and the client leaves her 1/10 feedback it will lower her JSS.

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Laura, the problem with the contract is not the client's pokiness in getting organized and assigning you tasks. An open, idle contract has no effect on anything as long as you and the client have an understanding about scheduling and turnaround time when they do get around to giving you assignments. The problem is there doesn't seem to have been specific discussion & agreement between the two of you defining the scope and nature of your role. That is a recipe for misunderstanding and dissatisfaction down the road. 


David is partly correct. A closed contract without earnings does not by definition affect your JSS but the client can leave unhappy fb, just as wiht any other contract. So you need to be careful and diplomatic about extricating yourself. 

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If you close the contract, and the client forgets to leave a review for you, or maybe leaves a good feedback, it won't effect your JSS at all. But he will have 14 days to leave a review and in case he leaves a negative one, it will have some negative effect on your JSS. I don't see why the client would leave a bad review for you, and it is very likely he won't be bothered to leave any feedback at all, but there is a chance. I guess you would need to see what's better. I would probably send a message asking if everything is OK before closing the contract, and if no response comes would close it. Usually $0 contracts even with negative review have small effect on the JSS when you have a lot of other contracts in your JSS calculation window.

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