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Offer under personal profile instead of agency

Hi everyone, how're you all?
I'm facing a complexity to be hired by client. One of my repetitive client is tryting to hire me again under my personal profile but the offer is going under agency and he's not finding option to avaoid it. we've completed the first job under personal profile, not agency. He didn't post any new job. Just he's trying to hire me again. But the offer's going under agency. 

I often face this same problem with some clients when they come as repetitive cleint.

What's the issue there and what's the solution?

Plz help me.



Hi Md. Monirul,


If these clients hired you directly under your freelancer account, please make sure that you are logging in and are using your freelancer account. I check and can confirm that you are not an exclusive member of your agency. 

~ Joanne

I'm frustrated that I requested my client to withdraw the offer and send again under my freelancer account. He did such but the offer is coming agian under agency. What a complexity! What can I do now?

1) Make sure you are not an exclusive member of your agency.

2) Go to SettingsMy Teams and make sure  your agency is NOT set as your "Default team"

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