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Ok UpWork...what did you change? So many job closings!

Anyone else noticed that they're getting less and less jobs? I went from getting at least 1-2 jobs a week, if not more, and now I haven't had anything in TWO month. My proposals have been the same format, I attach examples of my work in every post, and my profile hasn't changed. 


What changed?


Ever notice how many jobs are closing? Before it would be 1 job here or there closing without hiring a freelancer, now I'm getting updates everyday of postings that are closing. UpWork had to have changed something for the clients that they are not working with us anymore. 



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If you consider that the vast majority of people who come here never find a single job period you are way ahead of the game.  I don't know what to attribute your current batting average to, but it likely has nothing to do with what I am currently experiencing  or have experienced (I would be happy with 1 job a month).  


My reason to respond though was to throw out this thought...

Your profile is the same

Your proposals have been the same


Maybe the problem is not what has changed at Upwork but by what you haven't changed.  Maybe it's time to change.

It might not be meaningful. It's summer and some businesses slow down. 

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I have not noticed a significant drop in the number of jobs that are relevant to me are being posted.


However, on June 29 I started receiving numerous notifications that "A job you submitted a proposal to was closed."


Since the jobs in question are never identified in these messages, I don't pay any attention to them. After I apply to a new job posting I give it no more thought if the client doesn't reply to my proposal.


But the good news is that these notifications might mean Upwork is reacting to complaints that jobs where a freelancer has been hired should be closed to further applications. If so, that is a very good thing - fewer connects and less money are being wasted on jobs where the need for a freelancer has already been met.

Will you have been here longer than me but I believe those e-mails are almost always for projects that have expired, which means you are not getting your connects refunded.  You can actually click on the link and it will take you to the proposal.


I am not even sure you get an e-mail when the client closes the project incidentally.  I got five e-mails like that in the last 24 hours and it just so happens I had a client close a job (connects refunded) and it was not in any of the e-mails.


***Update - I was wrong, I did just got an e-mail about the closed job that was refunded.  Still, most of these e-mails are the expired jobs.

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