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Old Paypal account on 'Get Paid'

I updated my new Paypal Account however I was unaware I also had to do that in the 'Get Paid' section. On the day of payment transfer to Paypal I noticed it was my old deleted account and swiftly changed it to my new one. 

However the payment for a job I did was still linked and transferred to old deleted PayPal account. My Upwork balance is 0.00 and my Paypal did not receive the job payment either. I have no idea where the payment is.

I tried contacting Upwork Support for 2 days and no one is helping me.

What can I do to get my payment to my new PayPal account?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Antonia,


Thank you for reaching out. I can see that you've already raised a support ticket regarding your concern. You can access your support tickets here. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further.


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