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On 'Saved Jobs' and odesk development directions

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Shiming H Member Since: Mar 2, 2013
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Hi, 'Saved Jobs' is in my opinion a somewhat less useful feature. Most of the things on odesk are sorted in the order of time. Which means it's working on a first come first serve basis. If one is 'saving a job' instead of applying it immediately, within like an hour he/she will be at the bottom of the applicants list. This actually diminishes the chance to get that job. In my experience, most of the better jobs I had were hired almost instantly. It's typical for the client to make hiring decision after just a few words within like an hour. Once it passes 12 hour after the application is sent, it's very unlikely the client will be hiring. Only a small fraction of the job would take like 2 days for the interview. Even for such jobs, the client might get tired just after seeing 10 applicants. Which means again being in the bottom of the list is no good. So in my opinion, saving a job is something one can do without. What I actually wanted is classification. In the job feed of freelancers, I'll find it good to have things like 'local onsite' jobs, remote jobs, homeworks separated. It'll be better if we can have 'payment unverified' and 'verified' clients separate, or separated new and old clients. The job category currently do not serve this purpose. In the applicants list, we may need the applicants to be separated by geolocation, experience (no stars, versus stars), and total money earned. Instead of just 'auto hidden', it's better to have non-opinionated, objective classification of the applicants. This will make each list short, and make the interaction straightforward for both parties.
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Richard Anderson C Member Since: May 13, 2013
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Saved Jobs may not work on certain fields, but be useful for others. It depends on how many people are actually needed. For example, a web dev job opens, gets the position filled, and close in a span of 12 hours; while a customer support job posted two days ago may have three people hired but still scouting for contractors. As for the Job Feed, I would suggest to add Average Hourly Rate under sorting options. And for the client-side applicants list, just keep it simple: one list, sorting options, and a search control that can act as a filter.
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Iuliana U Member Since: Jul 30, 2009
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I second this notion - usage of this feature is limited. And the sorting of jobs would be very useful indeed, because for example I prefer to apply to jobs that specify they are looking for expert level rates. If I had a filter for this, then I would not have to sort through so many undesirable applications - it would save me time.