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On search, my Specialized is visible on main screen.

When someone searches my profile by name, On the search results my specialized is visible instead of my general profile. How I can change the visibility to general profile as the default view.

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Community Manager

HI Anmol, 


I checked your account and was able to see your general profile on my search result. Note that search results will be different depending on who is searching. The results you see will differ from results a client gets searching for a particular job, or skills tag they posted. You can try tweaking your profile, add some keywords that describe what you do in your profile title and see if you get different results. There are no issues with your profile, it shows in search and in applicants list for jobs you send your proposals to.


Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 1.59.44 PM.png


~ Avery

Hey, I have the same issue my specialized profile is displaying instead of my all work I have tried many searches, can you check for my profile as well, please?

Hi Ikram, 

This is what came up in my search results. As I have previously shared on this thread, please know that search results vary depending on who and when the search was done. The search result shows your general profile ("All work"). And potential clients who review your profile will be able to see all your profiles if they visit your page.

~ Avery
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Hi Avery O, 

My specialized profiles are not showing in the search results, i have tried all related searches, the pages stop to scroll but my specialized profiles don't seem to be listed there. Please check mine also...

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