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On using another laptop

Hi Team,

I just want to make sure that I won't be at all flag by upwork because of this. Heard stories about something similar which led to account closure...
So here it goes- I'm currently on a 2 day vacation. Apparently bought along my laptop with me but clumsy me i totally forgot my charger 😔.. so as a workaround im thinking of using my sister-in-laws laptop instead. Silly question, can i do this? TYA
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You can use any computer you wish.

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I use Upwork from many different computers and devices. Mac OS X. Windows. Mobile devices such as iPad.


It's not an issue. The key thing is that you always log in to your own account only, and nobody else uses your Upwork account.


If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you should set up a separate computer-based account for yourself.

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Please, see responses on this thread. Thank you!

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You can use any laptop **Edited for Community Guidelines** to login your upWork account as I have **Edited for Community Guidelines** and PC and I login on both and there is not issue to UpWork for that.

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Are you sure Apple MacBook with M1 Chip **Edited for Community Guidelines** is good for freelancing?

yes it's good for freelancing, you can **Edited for Community Guidelines** your laptop performance before doing work.

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