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On what basis freelancers lists are generated for display to clients?


Please explain why in the list of the best HTML5 freelancers are people who did not even pass the test? For example: https://www.upwork.com/hire/html5-developers/


On what basis freelancers lists are generated for display to clients?


For several months I have very rarely received job offers (although I have JSS 100%). So clients don't see my profile when they searching freelancers by skill ...


Thanks in advance for reply

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You could send proposals. 

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No one can answer this for you as UW isn't going to publish their search algorithms. Of course clients can influence this to some degree through filters, but otherwise it does seem a crap shoot. It's fair that UW does do some level of rotation here so that newer freelancers can have a shot as well as established. Yet from my own observations it does seem UW does some level of foot shooting in terms of maximizing their profitability here. 

It is noteworthy to add that the results seem to depend on the person who is seeing them. For instance, when I click on the link that the original poster shared, I have the France filter set by default and so I see only people located in my country.

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