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Onboard another developer to an existing project

I have a contract with an existing client and we'd like to bring on another developer. However, we haven't found the developer, yet. We were thinking of posting a job here on Upwork, but would like to keep it associated with my contract or something like that.


Has anyone had any real-world experience bringing on a 2nd contractor to an existing project? I do not want to sub-contract out and pay the other dev; rather, the client should pay directly to the other dev through Upwork.


Generally, I need to be able to approve the other dev's hours to ensure they are billing accordingly. Nope, we're not going to use the Upwork spy.


What do you think?

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No need for you to approve their hours. The client can hire the other dev and control their hours by setting minimums. I am not sure of other ways, maybe the collab function or network function which I believe exists.

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I'll be working with the other dev and making sure their hours are in line. 


I was asking if anyone had any real-world experience on Upwork in this scenario. Are you saying you've done this in the past?

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