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Onboarding Task - No business documents



I got invited to a job by upwork talent group which requires me to provide some business documents. 


Unfortunately I  don't have any business documents. I have only recently created my Upwork profile and have yet to complete any jobs on here. I am not registered as a business or contracter yet, as I don't have any work yet.


I don't want to let this job offer go, as this is my first one. Is there anything I can do? What can I use as business documents if I am a newbie to all this?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sara, 


I checked and can see that you were able to submit the necessary documents for the onboarding process. Let us know if you have other questions. Congratulations on landing an enterprise client! 

~ Avery

Hi, so I am working with a client for 7 years now and my contract has been renewed. However, I have this notif in email, "Onboarding task - Freelancer Questionnaire and Onboarding task -Business Documents". This cant be found in my upwork's notif page just in my email. Everytime I get click "get started", it leads me to "my jobs page in Upwork". Should I just ignore this? Thank you!

Oh and by the way, I had accepted the new offer without any hassle. So should I just ignore whats in my email?

Hi Charisse,

I checked your account and you've already accepted the offer. You may check the terms by clicking on My Jobs tab > All Contracts > click the contract on which you want to view and hover to Terms and Settings. You may receive another email for additional intructions. Hope this helps.

~ Jo-An


Hi Jo an,

Thank you for the quick response. I just want to know what are these: "Onboarding task - Freelancer Questionnaire and Onboarding task -Business Documents".

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