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Once again I object to penalizing freelancers for disappearing clients / inactive projects

I had a 100% JSS for a long time. I recently had one job not end successfully and that dropped to 99%. Fine, I'm no longer perfect. But there haven't been any others and now it's down to 97%. The only thing that I have heard of that can affect this that has occurred in that time is a couple of contracts have gone inactive.


I object to this metric being part of JSS. It has nothing to do with whether or not I do my work or please my clients.


It's UNPROFESSIONAL for Upwork to constantly make me have to nag clients to close projects so I'm not penalized for something that DOESN'T FLIPPING MATTER IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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The notion that private feedback is more truthful than public is not bizarre; it is a reasonable inference from the available data. Years ago, oDesk saw rampant inflation of the 5-point star system; scores were rapidly approaching 5 as the virtually universal norm. Stars had become a useless metric.

As has been stated countless times, non-feedback is not counted as negative. A pattern of no feedback is counted as negative.


I believe that currently the JSS is a useless metric based on what I know of it's calculation.

I don't think it's useless. It's probably not good for new people who take 1 bad hit because they have no volume to buffer the bad score. In that case, a good provider could have an 80% score.


For long-term providers, I think it's pretty good. The 80-90% people are where it's kinda tricky. 80%+ is a good score but it's easy to drop into the 80s with 2-3 bad outcomes. It's just at 80-90% you don't have the TR badge, so you're second choice in most cases.


It depends on whether you have a 1 year and 2 year score as backup in case the 6 month goes sour, which is what happens when you get a bad score initially. You are then stuck with the 1 year and 2 year, and new people don't have that advantage. That's why it's so common for people to lose TR when they are new.


If a provider has less than 80% and they have a lot of projects, it's def a sign that the quality is probably not there. Less than 75% and I'd stay away.

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Community Manager

Hi Ken, 


I would just like to reiterate what has already been shared by Valeria why the private feedback is necessary: 

"Private feedback is an additional way for users to share their experience working with each other on a contract honestly and without any external pressure. Unfortunately, the rating system we had previously that was based solely on public feedback could easily be manipulated and this is something we are able to avoid with Job Success score. You can refer to earlier discussions of private feedback in the Community."


We will be closing this thread for further comments from the Community and would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussion. 


~ Avery