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One account, two types of freelancing

Hello, I am new to Upwork. I am interested in taking both writing and voice acting jobs but I don't like having to mix the two in my profile overview (I would like clients to see either an overview geared for writing jobs OR voice acting jobs depending on what they're looking for). I know you can't have more than one account so is there any way to make seperate overviews or separate profiles on one account? I'm thinking not but just thought I'd ask.


You can't make make separate overviews , but you can include both skills in your overview

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You can't make make separate overviews , but you can include both skills in your overview

Ok, thank you!

You can have separate sections to your portfolio.


But if you really want to seem like a top, professional voice recording artist, you should consider eliminating the writing elements of your profile page altogether.


or vice versa.


I recall a time when Upwork {actually, oDesk) posted a blog article recommending that freelancers 'specialize' rather than diversify with regard to skills. I do not know their ideas about that since the site became Upwork.


These days, due to how Upwork algorithms appear to work, I believe it is better for freelancers to "specialize." In theory, I agree with Preston.


Nonetheless, the overview within my current Upwork profile is quite diverse (three distinctly different main categories each with an array of sub-categories). For example, http://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~019547eaab2fb9b652/


I do, however, attempt to select skills that are somewhat "relevant." Obviously, inclusion of 3D Scanning and 3D printing defy that concept; especially, when I am not fully ready to engage in 3D printing technologies.


Even with my diverse profile, unlike in the past, I regularly receive job invitations. Most of the job invitations are relevant to two of my three distinctly different main categories. Those two: "Data Mining and Data Management" and "Web Development and Internet Marketing."


Unfortunately, the problem has been that the clients from which I receive the invitations do not always fulfill my expectations for "quality" clients (Negative indicators: Payment methods not verified or in process, questionable Upwork history, inadequate payment offerings, etc.).

Ron aka LanWanMan

I get invites for writing, seo and some website development. SEO is a dump, and I reject a lot of people because their sites are just garbage. If I see they have a chance, I'll engage. Writing invites are pretty good but I still get the "10 articles for $50" people sometimes. I don't see me doing well in web development here, so I just reject those outright.


I get the occasional Access database development which I'm not against, but I am not a huge fan of Access and kinda just put forth like a 25% effort to get the job, which I usually don't. lol