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One account working from two countries

I am from sri lanka , I am hopping to move qatar. Is it possible to login and work from sri lanka and Qatar same account. because when i am in qatar i work my upwork accoutn when i am little busy my helping to my do work in my account but she is on Sri lanka. I need to know is there any problem if we both loing same account from differents countries 

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re: "I am from Sri Lanka. I am hopping to move to Qatar. Is it possible to log in and work from Sri Lanka and Qatar using the same account? Because when I am in Qatar, i work my Upwork account. When I am a little busy, my helper [helps] to do my work [using] my account. But she is in Sri Lanka. I need to know is there any problem if we are both using the same account from different countries."



There is really more than one concept associated with your overall question.


Here are examples of questions that will help you understand these concepts:


Question: "I live in England. I work as a freelancer. Next week I will be on vacation in Scotland. If I log into Upwork from Scotland, will I get blocked from doing so?"


Answer: No. Upwork will not block or penalize you. Upwork freelancers are allowed to travel, and continue to use Upwork while doing so. Upwork doesn't block freelancers from logging in to Upwork if they log in from a different place than their regular location. You will NOT lose your Upwork account for this. Upwork asks users to obey all applicable local laws. Some places have laws restricting who can work, based on who they are and what types of work they are doing, etc. But those laws are enacted and enforced by local governments, not by Upwork."


* * * * * * * * *


Question: "I live in England. My sister lives in Scotland. If I am too busy to work on a project, is it okay if my sister in Scotland works on it?"


Answer: Nobody else is allowed to use your Upwork account other than you. Even if your sister lives in the same house, it doesn't matter. This is a serious violation of Upwork ToS. If you are caught sharing your Upwork account with somebody else, it is highly likely that you will be severely penalized, including possibly losing your Upwork account and being permanently removed from the platform.

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