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One discussion for writers

Hi, Friends!


I checked this forum and there are some discussion groups for IT managers and programmers. I was wondering, why do not we have one for writers?


Is it possible to create one group for writers and marketers? 


Makes sense to me. There are plenty of us on here.

Since most problems are related to platform issues and are not really specific to writers I'd rather have everything in one place instead of having to search through even more sub forums, and yes I am a writer.

I didn't know those groups had to be for problems only. I thought we could share tips, resources, etc., that general freelancers wouldn't want to sift through.

I have a site outside of Upwork dedicated to resources and advice for freelance writers... But I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to share it on here.

- Barbara Herrera -

You can send me a PM.

Hi, Beth!


This is what I actually want to do. Can we have a group/resource section where senior writers can share their tips? I want it to be specific only for Upwork. There are hundreds of tips for writers. Many tips will work here, but I found that Upwork is a different game. 

Hi, Kathleen!

It is nice to have you here. You have an amazing profile. Although writing only makes a minor portion of earnings on Upwork, still there are many people working as content contributors.