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One job, two posts?

I recently joined the Dev cloud and applied to a job that's the perfect fit for me. I checked out the company and everything. They're doing some weird stuff on their website, but that's why they need me to come in, right? Anyhoo. Long story short, I fell in love with the idea of working with them because so.much.potential. I applied. I was shortlisted by an Upwork recruiter and my proposal was sent to the client. There were less than 5 proposals. The job stated it would start from Aug 18.

I waited.

And waited.

Today, I checked out the job post again and there finally seemed to be some client activity: the client viewed the job three days ago. That's it, no interviews, nothing. Interestingly I noticed they posted a copy of the same job apparently also at the same time. It is a copy-paste of the Dev cloud job. There are less than 5 proposals(!). But it starts in September and it is also open to the public (which is fine, because maybe they want to expand their options or maybe the Dev cloud candidates are more expensive 'cause we's fancy folk we are). Crucially, they viewed this job 10 hours ago.

Now for the questions. Has anyone else ever come across legit clients who do this? Does it mean they have two separate funnels to sort through candidates or does it mean they changed their mind about the Dev post? Does Upwork vet clients before posting their jobs in the Talent Cloud feed, like they vet talent before including it in that pool? What's the general consensus about client seriousness in these Talent Clouds? Are the clients willing to show up when the talent does? (I was already curious about these last two questions. I figure now is the perfect time to ask them.)

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