One type of client you should avoid

Hi. I recently applied for a proofreading job and the client then proceeded to hire me for something else. I said "let's see what you offer first" since I want a new job.


Then he introduces me to his partner via SKYPE nonetheless and, well, just see for yourself.



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Needless to say, I drew the facts out so I can screen them. I wasted two connects but I reported the client and hopefully something will be done about this. It's clients like them that make the system even worse than it already is.


Bet they don't remove him though, even with the incontrovertable evidence you've provided Cat Sad


I think he has given you a sample site to test your ability. is one such site where you need to proof read the article? May be I am wrong..

No, the client really wanted me to write for them for 2.75 an article. I kept reminding them about the proofreading but they said they can do it after I submit.

Funny, really. Not to mention asking for payment outside the system.

I had to laugh in amazement when the "client" claimed that $2.75 per article was above the industry rate of $2.50 per article.


I wonder what industry that is exactly.

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Community Manager

Hi Robert,


Please report this client and share the information you've provided in your post, so we can review and take appropriate action. Thanks for the heads-up.


I already have 😉