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Online Certificate Training - This will help build profiles faster especially if you are new.

Hello, I've been suggesting many times that hopefully, Upwork will offer Paid Online Certificate training. Do we have this already? I can't seem to find anything here yet. If we don't have this yet, I wonder if there are any Upwork-accredited certificate training.


***This will surely help Upwork generate more income and in that way, it will grow bigger and all of us can grow and benefit from it all. Right??? This will help a lot of newbies for sure in building up their profile faster.


***If we have this "Upwork Certificate Training" with the mark "Upwork" in it, IT IS MORE CREDIBLE IN THE POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS EYES.


***I have been getting certificate training on other platforms since Upwork is not offering them. If there is already and I missed it, can you please guide me? I would love the help.


***I'm very much willing to pay for these certificate trainings since it's always worth every single penny. I easily get hired when I show my certificate trainings.


***Giving one or three free certificate training to freelancers who remained active for one whole year would be a great reward regardless of whether you are top rated or not. When I say one whole year, it does not have to be every month. At least you have had any active contracts whether it's flexi-work or not.

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Jade Pearl S wrote:


***This will surely help Upwork generate more income

I doubt it.

Well, it did for me. In many of my interviews, I always give them a presentation of my certificate training especially those that are related to the ones I'm applying for. I was able to get more contracts through this. I just wish we have this in Upwork as well.


If you have these plus the many five stars and feedback you have plus being a top-rated one, it helps quite a lot.

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It depends on what category you're bidding in. For things like graphic design, anybody can learn how to use a software programme, but that doesn't make you a designer.


Anyway, as you said, there's already certificate training available. If you want to, say, provide services in Microsoft Excel or Adobe Indesign, then being Microsoft certified or Adobe certified is going to mean a lot more than being "Upwork certified". 


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Upwork isn't really here to train people anyway. You're supposed to know how to do whatever it is you're doing before they'll even accept you as a freelancer in the first place (at least in theory).

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