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Online status not showing on the app

My Upwork app isn't showing me online. I have the badge of 'available now' but the circle remains grey in color showing me offline. Please help what to do?

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Available Now is different from Online Status. You may have an Available Now badge to indicate you are available for immediate hire but may be offline or invisible indicating you are unable to chat right now...Or you could be online but not available for more work. 


To set your Online status, Goto Upwork home page->Click on your profile photo on the top right->Set your Online status there, by choosing between Online or Invisible or On Upwork Messages app set the status on Bottom Right corner. 


Hope that helps! 



Hi Ashraf, thanks for the insight. I got it solved 

My app does not have the features your are talking about

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Nayab R wrote:

 I have the badge of 'available now'

Unless you frequently get invited to apply, the "available now" badge is a waste of your money.

It could only (theoretically) help if your profile appears high enough in search results to be seen.


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okay.Trying that out if it will work

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