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Only 3 out of 30 job posts I've submitted proposals for have hired anyone

I looked from 3 days and beyond for the count. It used to be roughly half. This is insane.


I know the global economy is sinking, but why even post for jobs if you can't hire anyone?


Is there something else going on, maybe a change in the way Upwork operates? Is it this whole bidding war overwhelming buyers?


It's just...insane.

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I did not do an exact tally, but I remember 2 months ago looking at the 40-50 proposals I had awaiting response and not only had vast majority not hired... vast majority had not viewed the post for a long time.  I would even think that a 10% hire rate is even too high from what I have seen.


I've only been using this platform for 2 years (and really only seriouslsy using it for 20 months), but it's shocking how much things have fallen off.  Few few jobs available to apply for and the ones that I do apply to do not seem to hire anyone.


And yet Upwork has the money to make an expensive short film making fun of elderly people comparing them to Zombies?

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Where do I find this video? I guess I want to be really disgusted. 

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It's clearly setting the Internet on fire with 8,000 views.


I work in video production and have directed/photographed over 3 dozen nationally broadcast spots with many top agencies (BBDO, JWT, Goodby, etc) so I know that this must have cost mid 6 figures if not close to $1M  to create not to mention the cost to place this in paid marketing and TV ontop of that.  And lion's share of the work was done by an external ad agency + production team (not Upwork freelancers, of which I believe some were involved, in addition to Upwork's internal team).  


So I find it unacceptable that we have a broken platform that is failing the Freelancers who give it value, and Upwork overspends on a tacky and frankly, offensive ad.  (Age-ism is not something I find funny)

So that was the video everyone was talking about. Thanks Thomas.

I understand why local freelancers were not hired. Periodically I see vacancies from Upwork related to my work. Would you agree to make this video for $10-15 hourly? Their price range is about the same. 

I can guarantee you that the labor that made this ad was not paid $10-15 hourly.  Commercial filmmakers are paid very well to do the creative and technical work that goes into global ad campaigns.


Directors for example are usually paid 10% of the production budget, which can be $10k/a day easily.  




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