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Only Top-rated Freelancers Can help Newbies

Ace Contributor

To all top-rated freelancers,



Good day!


I have reached the limit of 50 connects in submitting proposals to various clients, therefrom resulting now to "zero" (0) remaining connects.... still nothing happened.


I have previously posted a separate discussion asking assistance about "getting started", how to improve profile and of course how to get clients.  Though suggestions provided by these I consider mentors are already applied, I think there are still lacking about winning a client.  Well, the supposed-to-be first client was considered a scam so I of course declined that offer.


I just noticed the following scenario:


1. Submitted proposals or open bid lasts about 14 days or more.

   -  Is there such a way to have a system that would close the proposal within 7days or less? So that the expectation meter of the freelancer is cooled down and move on w/ another client?


2. I noticed some clients with "zero" total amount spent, "zero" hours billed or "zero" hires over 2 weeks, meaning, not undergoing a single hire amongst open proposals.


3. There are clients that post job offer without detailed description.


4.  There are clients that seem to visit as a "fly by" only to gather proposals to eat out connects.


  -  For items 2 to 4,  Is there such a way to filter away the suspicious clients (don't know the proper term if these are the "nuisance ones") that eats out connects?

Kindly help the newbies like me to be protected and pick proper clients at the right time.




Sincerely yours,


Rolando Ko Jr.

Community Guru

Rolando, let me show you what a client sees when you apply:



The *VITAL* first bit of your overview, which is what makes a client decide whether to even click on you to look at your profile, is completely wasted with meaningless text that does not give a genuine client any idea why they should even read your cover letter or look at your profile.


THAT bit is by far the most important part of your profile, because if THAT bit isn't telling the client why you are worth looking at, then the rest of your profile, and your cover letter are wasted because they will not be seen.


The majority of cover letters are never read. If the above view does not grab the client's attention you've wasted your connects.


You will attract scam clients with this "Value for money? Hire me." as your first line. The rest that is visible is really just meaningless blurb.


Then the client sees your core skills listed as photo related, which is most peculiar as you REMOVED them from your actual profile.... That's strange...


Anyway... You are wasting that VITAL space. That vital space should tell the client that you are a professional, fully qualified Senior Accountant and Financial Analyst with 15 years of experience who is accomplished in a wide variety of accounting procedures and software.  THAT is what they want to know, not essentially meaningless promises.


That is assuming you are applying for contracts within your professional field, rather than just aimlessly for data entry gigs such as the scam one you nearly fell for last week.





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Hi Scott,


Good day!

wait........ really? was I reading a response intended for another forum? I'm confused, sorry..



Thanks for dropping by 😃



Sincrely yours,


Rolando Ko Jr.