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Only receiving message notifications for about 1 out of every 3 or 4 messages

Community Leader

For some reason, over the last week or two, I'm only receiving notifications of messages sporadically. If none were coming through, I'd think one of the settings was off. But I'll get one and then nothing for the next 3 or 4. There is no rhyme or reason, a variety of different clients and circumstances. 


Anyone know if this glitch has been reported, or are you experiencing the same?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi K.C.


Please, note that notifications are sent only for unread messages. Maybe you viewed some messages before notifications for them would have been sent.

~ Valeria

Thanks Valeria  - I do think that may be true for some but definitely not all. What's also strange is that a message came in at 9:37am. I was already logged in and read it. Then, at 10:04am, I received  a notification of that. In any case, I'll try and keep track of each one the rest of the week and report it to support if it still seems off.

Just to follow up, there is definitely a problem. Going to report it to support today. I didn't receive notifications for a couple of messages yesterday, and sometimes they come through very delayed. One of my clients never received one for something I sent yesterday morning and had no idea until she went to message me today.  I've downloaded the app so I'm getting notifications from that right away, but I'm more concerned about clients not receiving them.