Optimizing our profiles for search results

Just wondering if anyone has tips for how to make our profiles more findable in clients' search results?


For example, in trying different relevant searches to see whether I came up, I noticed that people with the search terms in their job titles came up first. So I rewrote my job title to cut out extraneous words and words that are unlikely to be part of a search (e.g., deleted "experienced," changed "strategist" to "strategy," etc).


I also found that the search engine treats the plural or variants of words differently. For example searching for "nonprofit" will not also bring up "nonprofits" and vice versa. So for important words, I made sure to add variants of my keywords in my profile description.


Any other ideas or tips?


As per my experience, there is no exact criteria or strategy. 

Upwork's searching algorigthms works really bad. 


I have 100% job score with very handsome  proifle but still don't receive any invitation. 


Not only you and me, almost every freelancer is struggling with this. 


I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to how Upwork search algorithm is working. But as far as I know, the algorithm "rotates" the results so that everyone can have a chance.


And it's a good idea in my opinion because if the results are not rotated, only some people will receive invitations and they would get overwhelmed easily.


I went with a very simple job title which is WordPress Developer because that's what I do: I build WordPress websites. I have received 23 invitations in the past 90 days and can't complain about the numbers ( it's really great actually ) but the quality of these invitations is below my expectations. But it is what it is...


I didn't see any benefit to include other keywords in the job title, which I find the most relevant for search.