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Order of feedback on public profiles

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Gordon D Member Since: Mar 11, 2009
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I have 35 "Total jobs worked" about 2/3 are 5 star. The rest are 4s and there is one really bad one 1.75 (from a nutball client). When viewing my "Full Profile" (which requires an ODesk account) these are ordered with most recent showing which is great since I have only gotten 5 star feedback since 2011. However, on my public profile, which I sometimes send out as a kind of resume substitute, only about 1/3 of the ones that show are the 5 star reviews. I can't figure out what algorithm is being used to decide which jobs to show on the public profile. It's not the most recent, not the largest by hours or amount earned, not the best feedback, it's not even totally random (unless I'm extremely unlucky) since that would have about 2/3 ratio of 5 star feedback. Combined with requiring an ODesk account to see my full profile (where all the good feedback show up). This seems designed to prevent me from using my work history on ODesk to get work outside of ODesk. I raised a support ticket to ask about this awhile ago. Here was the response: Thank you for contacting oDesk support.. The purpose of our visitor site is to give prospective clients and freelancers a feel for what oDesk has to offer so that they can decide whether to join our platform; it is not intended to reflect all the jobs and all the profiles available on oDesk. That's the role of the site which is only visible to our logged-in users. To optimize the experience of prospective clients and freelancers on our visitor site, we are sometimes selective about which jobs and profiles are visible. We apologize if you are disappointed not to see your profile or job on the visitor site. However, you can rest easy knowing that the vast majority of job invitations and job applications stem from visibility on the logged-in user site, not on the visitor site. Therefore your success on oDesk will not be negatively impacted by this lack of visibility on the visitor site. Thanks for your feedback. Happy working! Randy Butch Soria