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Original proposal

Hi, can someone assist, please?

I sent a proposal to the client, he changed my terms without me realising (I was not aware that he could this - my stupidity entirely).  I then accepted the job without double checking what he'd sent me (again, I didn't know he could change the terms).  he has paid me milestone payments but none of them is released after the end of the job.  

when I do a check, most of the payments are dated for 1 November.  

What I expected to be a $100 job, has now become a $75 job and I am being told to wait for a week for payment!!  

question 1.... does this sound right, or is the client being shady? 

question 2.... where can I view the original proposal in its entirety, where I agreed to do the job for $100?  all I see is an abbreviation where I said I wanted a deposit in escrow

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Hi Charmaine, 


You can find the original proposal either on your Find Work> Proposals page or by clicking on the View Job Posting> View Proposal link from the contract page. Those links are also copied in the Message room you have with the client.


Please, note that terms can change at the interview stage after the client accepts the proposal. Final terms are set in the offer the client sends and the freelancer accepts. Please, make sure you carefully review the offer before you accept it.


Finally, there is a 5-day security period after the client releases the payment to the freelancer. Once the security period is over, the funds become available on the freelancer's account.

~ Valeria
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Did you ever figure out how to see your original proposed rate on this? Everyone's answer is the same "go to proposals" no it's not there. You can't see any prices of what you sent, only the message is there of your cover letter. Frustrating...

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