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Outstanding Payment and Client Satisfaction Concerns


I am writing to bring to attention of Upwork agents, a pressing matter regarding a recent project I completed. The project's agreed-upon amount for the work was $450.

However, I am deeply concerned and disappointed to report that I only received a partial payment of $100, which falls significantly short of the agreed-upon amount.

Despite my efforts, the client has raised issues about the quality of my work and my availability for communication. I want to clarify that I have been accessible and responsive throughout the project duration, and I have made every effort to meet the client's expectations.

I kindly request assistance of Upwrok agents in mediating this situation and ensuring that I receive the remaining payment of $350 as agreed upon in the contract. I take pride in my work and have always strived to maintain a high level of client satisfaction.

I'm seeking prompt assistance from an Upwork support agent. Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience so that I can share the client's name either via email or private chat.

Thank you.

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Hello Chauhdary, 


If you did everything on the platform, especially payment, you should file a dispute officially. 

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You wont receive support agent help fastly. But you can ask here.

What contract type you have? Fixed price with milestone 1 prefunded for $100?

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