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PM problem

Ace Contributor
Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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Having an issue with PM's. I answered a PM from a moderator. sent two PM's. These no longer appear in the received box but remain in my sent box. My PM's remained unanswered. Also some PM's were published on the forum. They are now missing from the PM box. Is there a bug please?

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Jan,


I can confirm your private messages were delivered but since you haven't shared any evidence of our previous communication being posted in the Community I'm not able to provide an update.


Note that I've checked your private messages and they match the ones I received from your end and sent to you from my end, so I don't see an issue with these at the moment. Please feel free to follow up and provide a screenshot of the private messages which ended up in the Community instead of being received privately and I'll gladly take a look.

Ace Contributor
Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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Surely you can see( screenshots) that there are 3 PMs that I sent you, now no longer in your inbox.

That is why I am assuming there is a bug in the system. Pm's are coming and going in and out of boxes,  times are changed etc etc. Perhaps it is only a problem at my end due to my compromised google account ?

regards Jan