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PSA: If you see this job listing on your feed, don't click on it

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I have seen dozens of jobs like this in the past few weeks, all from Pakistan, all have exactly the same job description, hourly pay range etc. They ask you to click an external link to read more about the job description, but it's just a way to get people to click the link so they can get adsense money. DO NOT fall for it.

I wish UpWork team was talking care of these scam job listings. Maybe they shouldn't allow external links to be posted in the job description.

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In these recent weeks, it's been insane. The spike in scam jobs and the lack of actual jobs are at an all-time high and low, respectively.

Upwork's lack of action is shocking and only proves that they're happy enough having freelancers waste connects on fake job postings since it will force them to buy even more connects.

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Upwork needs to monitor these scam jobs better, because these are the # of proposals on one of them posted today.




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I have flagged similar job posts from Pakistan that also carry an external link to read more about the job description but they're still showing up. So, if Upwork doesn't care why should we?

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Call me a racist, but recently i started ignoring every single job post that comes from India or Pakistan. It's not worth to even read them its 99% spam like that one or the other about asking for Google Console Uploads. 

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