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Paid and Leased Account Fraud

Hi I work for**Edited for Community Guidelines** and not get my salary yet. The project manager takes a lot of payment from me and don't even share a picture of my card  for that they take payment from me  they take total 550 $  through different banks accounts and said that Company g issues different accounts and  at last they said they need my ID and residence ID card picture with the white paper time written on it and they all the 3 have deleted their chats from Telegram.. What's that behavior if they guys are doing scam with the people   I have some screenshots of them share  with the purpose of proof.. I want payment that I gave to them so now they want 50 $more to link my account to the server because they chnge their server.. Someone help me plz I want my payments back from them plzz

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It is important for you to understand that you are using Upwork incorrectly.

You are dealing with scammers, not real clients or real project managers.


This is your fault.


But that's okay!
Don't feel bad. And dont take it personally.

LOTS of freelancers make similar mistakes.


What do you need to do now?

- Do not try to contact Upwork Customer Support. These are freelancer education issues. Not Support issues.


- Learn what you did wrong. So that you do not continue to make the same mistakes. Ask questions HERE in the Community Forum until you fully under what you did wrong.


- Never pay money to work. That's a scam.


- Never talk to prospective clients using Telegram.


- Never try to get money back from scammers. That is a waste of your time. That money is gone forever. Stop desiring that money.

You paid $550 to scammers.

Sorry. That money is gone forever. But you learned a valuable lesson.

Knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than dollars. Celebrate your newfound wisdom!


Hi Fareeha, 


Thank you for reaching out to us. You were not hired for this job and shouldn't provide any work until your client sends you an offer and a contract is created under your My Jobs tab. A real client will never ask you to give them money to start working, cash a check for them, work for free, or provide your personal information.

Please know that sharing contact information before a contract has started is against Upwork's Terms of Service and that all communications prior to the contract starting must take place on Upwork.

I also encourage you to let us know if a TOS violation has happened by using the Flag as Inappropriate option throughout the platform. You can learn more about user reporting here.


Additionally, you may want to check this help article and this thread to help you stay safe on Upwork. 

~ Nikola
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