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Painfully slow downloads from Client Job Posts

Hello Managers, 


I am having this problem of painfully slow (20KB) download speeds of material from client posts. I have tried another brower. Logged out and in again. delete cookies etc. Nothing helping. taking 40 minutes to download a 62 MB files. Also i tried downloading stuff from other Job posts and its the same so not specific to one job. 


Can you please look into this. Really effecting the performance

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Agreed the site has been extremely slow all year and frequently times out in certain parts of the site. I would report your specifics to Upwork with screenshots by clicking the "Get Support" button on the bottom right of the screen. Have a great day!


Hi Murtaza,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents already reached out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your ticket on this page.

~ Nikola
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Dear Nikola, 


Its been the 3rd day now. Its becoming impossible to view supplied files by clients to make an offer. Can you please have a look into this. 



Hi Murtaza,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I can see that you opened a support ticket regarding this issue and are now being assisted by one of our agents. Feel free to update the support ticket if you have further questions or concerns.

~ AJ
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