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Partial Payment Question and Complaint

If I have a project that has $2,000 in escrow and I request a partial payment of $500, does the escrow amount automatically become $1,500? In addition, if it does become $1,500, is that money still protected under Upwork's payment protection.


Now the complaint. When you request a partial payment the client is first instructed to accept payment of the full amount. After that they have the option to edit the amount on the next screen. Why can't they have the option of edditing the payment first? 


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You can request a lesser amount than what is in escrow. The client will see that you have requested a smaller amount and have the option of approving that request. If it is approved, the requested amount will be issued to you and the remainder will revert to the client. The client will have an option of using the remaining amount to set up a NEW milestone or to have the remaining amount refunded to their payment method. The client DOES have the option of choosing how much to send to you from a funded milestone even without you clicking the request button. No matter what, anything left over after the sent amount will be refunded to the client or can be rolled into a NEW milestone. 

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