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Pause Upwork

Hi everyone, 


I wanna know what happens if I pause upwork for some time ( may be one year ) For my studying purpose, will my account be cancelled? or could I come back to upwork? What happens to my 100% job success?


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It's your 95% job success now. Anyway, job success is good for 24 months so you won't lose it, and you won't lose you raccount either but it will probably be set to private.

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Thanks John,


I have some study matter this year that's why 😄 Thank you very much 🙂

Hi John, 


Thank you for your useful answer 🙂  

If you don't work for 30 days and don't pay the 10.00 per month fee your account goes undiscovered. You can still bid on projects your account doesn't go away. But I guess you're ratings go away. I've not worked on this platform since they turned it into upwork was an original odesk user. If this platform and rating is important to you I would suggest doing small jobs that you can finish quickly to keep your rating. Once it's gone it's very hard to get work unless you are one of those that will work for $2.00 per hour.
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